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Our Mission

The West Oakland Job Resource Center's mission is to transform the lives of low-income, under-served residents of Oakland and the East Bay, particularly West Oakland, through family-sustaining careers in the construction building trades, and transportation, distribution, and logistics sectors.

Governed by the Jobs Policy and adopted by the City of Oakland, WOJRC leverages the City and Port’s investment in the former Oakland Army Base and other public projects, to ensure residents of areas that have historically experienced high levels of poverty, poor health outcomes and violence due to disinvestment and lack of employment opportunities, are able to access careers that lead to economic self-sufficiency.

Redeveloping the Former Oakland Army Base

The WOJRC was established in 2012, and is a project of the City of Oakland Local Hire Ordinance, with Urban Strategies Council serving as its fiscal agent. Job-seekers receive local hire information, counseling and referral services, introduction to construction pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs to meet the talent demands of the OAB and Port employers.

The City Ordinance has designated WOJRC as the 1st Source, to assist Oakland Army Base (OAB) employers with fulfilling 50% of their workforce with Oakland residents, and 25% with economically disadvantaged hires.

Our Staff

Joyce Guy

Interim Executive Director

Belu Wonji

Operations Manager

Ashley Shaw

Director of Special Programs

Wonda Kidd

Financial Coach

Undrae Brooks

Career Coach

Matthew Fernandes

Intern Program Assistant

Board of Directors