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Our Candidates are Qualified

Have Experience

Candidates have experience working in construction or logistics.

Are Educated

Candidates can pass an 8th grade math and reading test.

Drug Free

Candidates can pass a drug test.

Contract and Compliance

The Job Request & Referral form helps contractors and subcontractors hire Bay Area residents. It also serves to document requests, referrals and track placements.

Hiring local residents earns incentives with the Local Employment Program (LEP). Incentives are earned based on the level of participation proposed prior to the award of a contract. More details on LEP's program incentives can be found in the City of Oakland's Contracts and  Compliance.

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Job Request and Referral Form

Our Success

Employer Testimonials

For over 60 years, Camblin Steel Service, Inc. has provided the highest quality rebar services to clients throughout the western United States.

I have been working with you Joyce for just about two-years. Anytime, we have a local hire requirement we stay in close contact regarding available recruits for sponsorship into the Field Ironworkers Union.

TDW Construction INC

The West Oakland Job Resource Center is a great resource in helping TDW Construction INC find local residents to meet our local hire goals. The West Oakland Job Resource Center takes an interest with the workers that they send out and with the contractors that they serve.

We want our candidates to succeed.

We know what it takes to excel in construction, transportation, distribution, and logistics. We make sure the right candidate will be placed in a position where they can be successful.

All potential employees are assessed and matched.

We only refer skilled, reliable individuals who you can build lasting working relationships with.

Our Orientation Process