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Financial Coaching


WOJRC Financial Coaching Team is dedicated to helping low to moderate income families change financial behaviors, build assets, and become financially stable. We offer the following services:​

  • Individual financial coaching;

  • Assistance to enroll in 2nd chance account for clients on ChexSystem;

  • Assistance in credit building and repair;

  • Assistance in enrollment of savings programs;

  • Referral for legal financial issues, rent security deposit assistance, student loan issues, and enrollment in public benefits such as food stamps, utility assistance, Medicare/Medical, etc.;

  • Develop financial goals and budget plan;

  • Provide monthly financial education workshops on student loans, homeownership, small business development, wills and living trusts, clean slate, etc.

If you are interested Sign Up here

Be sure to click “Yes, please contact me to set up a screening appointment” on page  4 of the WOJRC application.

Consider joining Mission Asset Fund (MAF) Lending Circle

Want to raise your credit score? Want to develop a good saving habit? Join our Lending Circle and do both at the same time!

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