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Our Organization

Mission Statement

The West Oakland Job Resource Center is committed to transforming the lives of underserved residents of West Oakland and the greater Bay Area by building a thriving, inclusive community that provides financial and economic opportunities, and by catalyzing industry and policy change.  


Our History

The West Oakland Job Resource Center (WOJRC) was established in 2012, as an outgrowth of the City of Oakland’s Local Hire Ordinance.  The city ordinance designated WOJRC as the First Source, to assist Oakland Army Base (OAB) employers in fulfilling their 50% local and 25% economically disadvantaged hiring goals.

The City and Port of Oakland jointly owned the OAB, and is in the process of transforming the OAB into a Global Logistics Center.  Housing ten 240,000 sq. ft. cross-dock warehouses, creating 1,000 - 1,500 permanent employment opportunities.

In 2017, the Port of Oakland modified their Job Policy to designate WOJRC as a First Source, to assist all Port of Oakland employers in fulfilling their 50% local and 25% economically disadvantaged hire goals.

From 2012 to 2018, WOJRC has assisted Oakland and Bay Area residents in earning $14,000,000 in wages, worked 4,000 construction, and 95,000 apprenticeship hours.  WOJRC has served over 300 clients in 2018.

Our Specialties

WOJRC is a non-profit organization serving low- and moderate income job seekers in the greater Bay Area, with priority for West Oakland residents.  We offer employment training, and operate a “Staffing Agency” to assist job seekers in securing employment, and advancing in the construction and TDL industry.  In addition, we couple our employment services with financial coaching services to help build long-term financial security for low- and moderate income job seekers.

Guiding Principles​

WOJRC adopts the following guiding principles on how we work with our clients, community and public partners, and employers.  They are:

  • We treat our clients, customers and partners with dignity and respect

  • We are prompt in responding within 24 hours with our clients, customers, and partners requests

  • We are data driven 

  • We are flexible and responsive to the changing economic and demographic needs of the community and customers whom we serve

  • We will be held accountable to our customers and community

  • We are open and transparent  

  • We are cost effective and efficient

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