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Our Team


Joyce Guy - Executive Director

Tarecq Amer - Assistant Director

Belu Wonji - Chief Financial Officer

Nancy Marquez - Operations Manager 
Wonda Kidd - Director, Credit & Financial Services 
Voyajames Ahuruonye - Jr. Accountant

​Denise Moody - Program Manager

Laurie Lawson - Job Developer

Atreese Watkins - Job Developer

Raquel Kennedy - Data Manager

Beatriz Ramos-Cisneros - Administrative Assistant


Joyce Guy Bio

Joyce Guy, Executive Director - Ms. Guy was the first staff for West Oakland Job Resource Center when the organization was founded in 2012, and her role has grown over time to becoming the Executive Director for the past three years.  Joyce was a former veteran, a former Journey level Ironworker, and has over 25 years of workforce development experiences, working at various public, laborer and non-profit organizations.  Ms. Guy has been featured in magazines, newspapers and a book called Building the Golden Gate, highlighting women in non-traditional occupations.   


West Oakland Job Resource Center 

Board of Directors Roles & Affiliations

Alfred Auletta – Chairperson, Retired, Executive Director - Oakland Workforce Investment Board.  Mr. Auletta has 35 years of Senior Management government experiences with the City of Oakland, and with two large non-profit organizations.    Al’s most noted accomplishment was working with a coalition of community, labor, and City leaders in the development of a comprehensive Community Benefits Agreement in the redevelopment of the formerly known Oakland Army Based.

Mark B. Henderson - Vice Chair – Mark Henderson has 20 years of extensive work experiences working with youths and young adults on violence prevention, employment & training, & education programs.  Mr. Henderson is currently with the City of Oakland Community & Economic Development Department, as the Community Development Program Coordinator. 

John Monetta – Secretary, City of Oakland, Economic & Workforce Development Department

Julina Bonilla – Ms. Bonilla is the Workforce Development Manager at the Port of Oakland.  Julina was a former educator, and has a rich history of workforce development experiences.  She was the former Executive Director with Department of Labor – Job Corps, and former Executive Director with West Oakland Job Resource Center.  Ms. Bonilla currently serves as trustee for Peralta College District.

Joyce Guy - Executive Director, West Oakland Job Resource Center

Mercedes S. Rodriguez - Community Board Member – Ms. Rodriquez is a retired Banker & Insurance Broker, and is a CORE (Community of Oakland Respond to Emergencies) Certified Emergency Responder.  Ms. Rodriquez has been a long time West Oakland resident and a community advocate who is passionate about building an economically and environmentally healthy & safe neighborhood.

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