Our Team

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From left to right:

Belu Wonji - Operations Manager 
Tse Ming Tam - Program Director 
Wonda Kidd - Financial Coach 
Joyce Guy - Executive Director 
Mathew Fernandes - Career Coach 
Undrae Brooks - Career Coach 
Voyajames Ahuruonye - Jr. Accountant

Not shown:

Guadalupe Lamas -Financial/ Career Coach

Joyce Guy Bio

Joyce Guy, Executive Director, joined West Oakland Job Resource Center since the inception of the organization in 2012, and have served in her current capacity for the past three years.  Joyce was a former veteran, and a former Journey level Ironworker, and has over 25 years of workforce development experiences, working at various public, laborer and non-profit organizations.

Tse Ming Tam Bio

Tse Ming Tam, Program Director, joined the organization on April 2019, and has over 40+ years of non-profit, workforce and economic development experiences.  Tse Ming, in his past capacity has led a national movement in the development of the Sector Workforce field, and the Bay Area SparkPoint initiative.


West Oakland Job Resource Center 

Board of Directors Roles & Affiliations

March 4, 2020

Al Aulette – Chairperson – retired

Mark B. Henderson – Vice Chair, City of Oakland, Community & Economic Development Department

John Monetta – Secretary, City of Oakland, Economic & Workforce Development Department

Julina Bonilla – Treasurer, Port of Oakland, Social Responsibility Division

Joyce Guy - Executive Director, West Oakland Job Resource Center