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From Nov 2013 to February 2018

Through Our Program
Oakland Residents Have


Wages Earned

215,381 hrs

Worked in Construction

75,145 hrs

Oakland Apprentice Hours

Do you need a job?

Join us at an orientation. There is one every Tuesday at 9:30 AM. Forty-five minute presentation and 1 hour for individual assessment.

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Do you need skilled employees?

We screen and train our associates so that they have the skills required to get the job done. We'll only refer skilled, reliable individuals who you can build lasting working relationships with.

How We Help Employers

More Than A Work Placement Program

The West Oakland Job Resource Center's mission is to transform the lives of low-income, under-served residents of Oakland and the East Bay, particularly West Oakland, through family-sustaining careers in the construction building trades, and transportation, distribution, and logistics sectors.

The West Oakland Job Resource Center provides a unique set of services that includes an assessment; employer referral, local hire monitor/compliance, pre- and post-employment services, and is a model that complements the existing network of services and training programs in Oakland.
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