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David Sanders

David Sanders came to us, after I did a credit presentation with BOSS.

He was a re-entry client. He enrolled in our training program and completed it. He went to work for Good Eggs for a while.

At the time he started working with me he had no credit. We discussed ways in which he could build credit and worked on budgeting and saving as a foundation for building a secure financial future.

Major goals were to find housing, build his credit, build a savings account, purchase a car and home and complete his book.

He was successful with building some credit and currently has a score of 557. He has been outstanding in saving money and has over $7,000 in savings; has purchased two car and now wants to start looking at purchasing property. Of course, to purchase property he will need to get a higher credit score and we are working on that so he is ready to purchase next year.

Mr. Sanders took advantage of all the services we offered. He was a regular at our monthly financial workshops. He has gone full circle and is currently employed by BOSS as a case manager.

I look forward to him purchasing property next year.

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